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Look ahead to 2024 with confidence. Built empowers lenders like you to maximize efficiency gains regardless of market conditions, setting you up for long-term success. 


Powering Success for the Entire Construction & Real Estate Finance Ecosystem

Our platform has helped increase loan volume by 2-3x, reduce draw turnaround time over 50%, and improve overall borrower satisfaction for lenders like you.

Capacity per loan admin

Reduction in Draw Times

Builder adoption

Improve draw management.

Increase efficiency with a streamlined draw process so that your customers get the capital they need to complete projects faster than ever before.

Manage collateral.

Track construction collateral through every stage and quickly identify risks to ensure projects are progressing as planned.

Enhance borrower experience.

Bring everyone involved in a construction project into one, streamlined portal so that nothing slips through the cracks.

Gain portfolio insights.

Quickly access data that assists in smarter lending decisions: identify at-risk projects as well as valuable portfolio trends.


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Who We Serve

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Real-time collaboration, risk mitigation, and transparency for lenders, contractors, and developers.

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From document management to budget tracking, Built offers everything you need to streamline your lending operations and stay ahead of the competition.


Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

My favorite thing about built is how user friendly it is to all parties associated with a project. There is ease of viewing for borrowers, builders and lenders as well as an easy to reach support chat! I have worked as a Construction Loan Admin for almost ten years and this is the first Lender I have been with that utilizes built. I can say with great confidence that using this online program has been extremely helpful when it comes to managing projects. In the past, all draw and construction management has always been done via pdf’s being e-signed and sent back and forth between all parties. This can get confusing quickly! Having a one stop for file retention, draw management, compliance etc. is very helpful when it comes to managing a large pipeline of active projects.

Taylor, Construction Loan Admin

The efficiency gained is important—there’s a singular hub for communication, file transfers—it’s critically important to scale and growth. The less time you have to spend looking at email or calling a contractor or inspector the better. Any minute of my team’s time that I can save so they can focus on our customers is beyond valuable.

John Meadows, Director of Renovation

Draw management is really seamless and intuitive which makes a big difference when compared to spreadsheets.

Adam Bellingar, Vice President & Credit Administrator

We have gotten repeat business from people who loved going through Built for this process instead of the old, traditional way of getting bank financing. This is a great way to save builders time so they can be out building.

Colton Ellis, Loan Officer

Build a Better Loan Administration Process.