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Build a better
experience for your customers.

Stay ahead of the competition with digital tools that help you strengthen customer relationships, secure additional business, and work more efficiently than ever before.

Don’t let outdated tech & manual processes put a strain on your customer experience.

The hours you spend scouring various systems for loan data take time away from serving customers and stifle business growth. In addition, a lack of project transparency and slow, inefficient processes can lead to frustration for all key stakeholders. Built supplies the tools you need to ensure the best possible experience for every customer.

Deliver unmatched project visibility.

Provide your customers with an innovative platform to access their most important loan information. Easy access to actionable data helps reduce back-and-forth communication and fuels informed decision-making for everyone involved.

Gain operational efficiencies.

By offering remote inspection capabilities, you can empower your customers to take ownership of the building process. With Built, inspection photos can be taken and sent directly to the inspector–reducing time spent on the job site and money spent on inspection fees.

Power faster builds.

Streamline the draw process and cut draw turnaround time in half. Built allows your builders to secure the capital they need faster than ever before.

“We have gotten repeat business from people who loved going through Built for this process instead of the old, traditional way of getting bank financing. This is a great way to save builders time so they can be out building.”

Colton Ellis, Rural 1st Loan Officer

Innovative lending software, tailor-made for you & your customers

  • Increase efficiency.

    Eliminate complex handoffs and processes in favor of transparent and efficient construction loan management.

  • Enhance the customer experience.

    Provide an intuitive portal experience for borrowers, builders, and other key stakeholders so nothing slips through the cracks.

  • Decrease draw times & fuel growth.

    Establish clear draw administration workflows that result in an increased administrative capacity. Automate communication with key stakeholders at every stage of the loan process.

  • Streamline the inspection process.

    Centralize your inspection scheduling and communication and identify pre-approved inspection vendors all over the nation.

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