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Simplify your billing workflows.

Reduce duplicate data entry, automate payments, and easily manage documentation–all from one central platform.

Construction payments are notoriously slow.

Construction billing requires meticulous record keeping. Manually tracking every payment document is inefficient and time-consuming. Built streamlines your billing workflows and offers greater flexibility for making and receiving payments.

Guarantee compliance with digital document management.

Request, manage, and store all billing and compliance documentation in one central location. With Built’s compliance tracking solution, you can ensure all compliance requirements are met prior to remitting payment.

Reduce the time spent managing lien waivers.

Say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming lien waiver management. With Built, you can electronically create, send, track, receive, and file lien waivers right from the dashboard.

Modernize your payment experience.

Technology is used in every aspect of our lives–why should construction finance be any different? Automate your billing workflows for fast, flexible, and efficient payments.

Built’s system is great. It interlinks with my QuickBooks to generate, send, and track all lien waivers that I was manually having to do before. This has made the cumbersome lien waiver process very efficient.

Raquel Elisha, RMD Construction

A forward-thinking digital experience, designed for speed & flexibility

  • Elevate the way you pay.

    Built Pay makes it easy to schedule payments in advance, set criteria for payment approval, and remit multiple payments at once. Payees can also choose how they’d like to receive funds–including ACH, credit, or debit cards.

  • Sync your current accounting software.

    Integrate your existing accounting system to reduce duplicate data entry and eliminate errors. Syncing Built with your current software allows you to easily import invoices and quickly pay your partners.

  • Manage lien waivers with ease.

    Create lien waivers individually or in batches using unlimited customizable templates. Quickly email lien waivers to be completed and signed electronically or request that vendors print and notarize wet-signed waivers.

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