Our Subprocessors

Built partners with various third-party service providers (“subprocessors”) that assist us in providing our platform and services to customers. Privacy regulations require that we maintain transparency surrounding the flow of personal data between us and our subprocessors. The table below lists our current subprocessors that process customer personal data in some way.

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Any questions surrounding this page or Built’s subprocessors can be directed to us at privacy@getbuilt.com or by completing our contact form within our Privacy Policy.


Subprocessor Name



 Amazon Web Services (AWS)  https://aws.amazon.com  IaaS platform hosting services.
 Atlassian Cloud  https://www.atlassian.com  Online documentation and change management.
 Baton  https://www.hellobaton.com  Customer implementation and onboarding.
 Catalyst  https://catalyst.io  Customer service analytics and metrics.
 Chili Piper  https://www.chilipiper.com  Sales lead management.
 Crossbeam  https://www.crossbeam.com  Partner ecosystem analytics.
 Datadog  https://www.datadoghq.com  Platform monitoring and metrics.
 Demandbase  https://www.demandbase.com  Sales analytics.
 Gong  https://www.gong.io  Sales analytics.
 Google Workspace  https://workspace.google.com  Business productivity and communications.
 Groove  https://www.groove.co  Sales pipeline management.
 Hubspot  https://www.hubspot.com  Sales and marketing CRM.
 Influitive  https://influitive.com  Customer marketing.
 Lacework  https://www.lacework.com  Platform security monitoring.
 Linkedselling  https://linkedselling.com  Sales lead generation.
 Mailgun  https://www.mailgun.com  Platform email communications.
 Melio Payments  https://meliopayments.com  Payment services.
 Nextbee  https://web.nextbee.com  Customer engagement and retention.
 Oktopost  https://www.oktopost.com  B2B social media engagement.
 Recapped  https://www.recapped.io  Customer onboarding management.
 Salesforce  https://www.salesforce.com  Sales knowledge base and customer support ticketing.
 Slack  https://slack.com  Internal and B2B communication.
 Snowflake  https://www.snowflake.com  Data cloud services.
 ZoomInfo  https://www.zoominfo.com  B2B database.


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