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Vanessa Rez

I am Vanessa Rez, a loan officer at Mann Mortgage. I have been involved in the mortgage loan production industry since 2004, specializing in renovation and construction lending. My passion for this field has only grown over the years.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Real Estate Studies, with a minor in property management, which I earned from Marylhurst University. It provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the industry and equipped me with the necessary knowledge to excel in my career.

Having grown up in Escondido, CA, and spent my 20s in Los Angeles, I made the exciting decision to move to Oregon in 2002. It was a significant step that opened new opportunities and allowed me to further develop my expertise in home financing.

What truly sets me apart as a loan officer is my unwavering dedication to my clients. I wake up each day filled with enthusiasm, knowing that I have the opportunity to assist my clients in successfully navigating the complex world of home financing. I firmly believe that every client deserves exceptional customer service and individualized attention.

While my work is important to me, I also cherish the moments spent away from the office. I find immense joy in being with my husband and children, engaging in various activities that create lasting memories. Whether it’s boating, camping, attending live music performances, or exploring new destinations through travel, I embrace every opportunity to create meaningful experiences with my family.

Furthermore, I have embarked on two transformative pilgrimages on the Camino De Santiago in Spain. These adventures have instilled in me a sense of adventure and an appreciation for unique travel experiences. The Camino De Santiago offers not only a physical journey but also a spiritual and personal one, making it an unforgettable vacation.

I look forward to the opportunity to assist you in achieving your homeownership dreams!