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Pat Poels Senior Vice President of Engineering

Pat Poels is a distinguished leader in the technology sector, serving as the Senior Vice President of Engineering at Built Technologies since March 2024. In his role, Poels is responsible for setting engineering priorities, driving innovation, ensuring product quality, and collaborating across departments to deliver advanced software solutions for lenders, owners, developers, and contractors, enhancing efficiency and productivity within the built environment.

Before his tenure at Built, Pat held significant leadership roles at Snyk and Eventbrite. At Snyk, a developer-first security platform aimed at enabling secure application development throughout the entire application lifecycle, Poels was responsible for leading the engineering vision and managing a globally distributed team. Under his leadership, Snyk served over 2,500 global customers, including major tech companies like Google and Salesforce, reinforcing its position as a critical tool for secure application development.

Prior to joining Snyk, Pat was CTO for Eventbrite, where he led the development of highly dependable platforms, managed global engineering functions during periods of hyper-growth, and played a pivotal role in a successful IPO.

Outside work, Pat is a two-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner, demonstrating his competitive spirit and strategic thinking skills.He currently lives in the Nashville, Tennessee area where Built is headquartered.