How much time can Lien Waiver Management save you?

Built’s Lien Waiver Management software has saved users an average of 316 hours per year.
Use the calculator below to discover how much time
you’ll save.

Number of Monthly Active Projects
Average Lien Waivers per Project per Month

With Built, you’ll save:

0 hours

per year on tracking lien waivers!

Which means you’ll save:

0 weeks!

Or the equivalent of 0 full time employee(s)!
Hours Spent Tracking Lien Waivers
Without Built
With Built
Without Built
Without Built
With Built
With Built

Accelerate your projects & start saving time today.

Lien waivers shouldn’t be so difficult. Built alleviates the stress of lien waiver management by providing the tools you need to get the job done faster—all from one streamlined, digital platform.