Connect with Procore

Built works with project management software Procore to make payment management and project documentation simple. 


The Procore integration works with these powerful tools:
  • Lien Waiver Management – create, send, and track lien waivers in a few quick clicks
  • Compliance Tracking – gather all necessary documentation from every single vendor
  • Payment Management – auto pay your vendors on a specific date, or when documentation is complete 

Integration Summary

Built offers a seamless solution for Procore users who need improved systems for lien waiver management, compliance documentation and payment processes. Because Built and Procore share information in real-time, users can choose to leverage Procore data to work efficiently within the Built platform, or they can do it in reverse: work directly in Procore to streamline lien waiver management using the power of Built.

Integration Requirements:

Built integrates with Procore and Procore Financials. 

How it works:

The Built x Procore integration allows data to flow seamlessly between the two platforms, making project documentation and payment management simple. Work within the Procore platform and use Built’s “green buttons” to easily create, send, and track individual lien waivers within a few simple clicks. Or make even bigger strides in both project documentation and vendor payments by working in the Built dashboard using data pulled from Procore. In Built, Procore users can batch-create, send and track lien waivers; configure, request, and organize various compliance documents; and schedule vendor payments to automatically remit on a specific date or upon receipt of necessary compliance documents. This integration eliminates duplicate data entry, reduces vulnerabilities to error, streamlines and digitizes manual processes, and ultimately accelerates project timelines. 

Technology should be your ally; not your enemy.

Because bouncing between various software systems feels hectic and disorganized, Built partnered with Procore to provide an integration that brings together the two tools you love.

See how this invaluable integration can improve your business today:
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