CRE Inspections Technology & Services

Redefine Commercial Inspections

Receive critical onsite inspection data sooner and in one easily-accessible location–so you can accelerate draw requests without increasing risk.

Easily access the data you need from CRE consultants you can trust.

Manually sourcing consultants for complex commercial real estate (CRE) construction projects is time-consuming. Once your CRE consultants are procured, scheduling inspections and communicating via email or phone call becomes an inefficient, tedious, and disconnected process–requiring you to wait for critical reports to be sent back before funding draws.

With Built, you’ll be able to connect with qualified CRE consultants, easily schedule inspections, share and manage files, and receive construction progress results sooner in an executive summary report–all within a single platform, so you can facilitate faster draws, improve service levels, and generate efficiencies while mitigating risk.

  • Complete draw requests faster with easily accessible data.

    Enable CRE consultants to upload critical data points in an executive summary before submitting the complete report–reducing wait times, creating an auditable engagement trail, and eliminating guesswork and manual search efforts.

  • Choose from the best consultants in Built’s extensive network.

    Gain access to a nationwide network of prequalified and experienced CRE consultants to ease entry into new markets or product types.

  • Automate & streamline inspections.

    Easily request bids, expedite inspection workflows, automate scheduling, share files, and receive construction progress inspection results in a single integrated platform. Connect with qualified CRE consultants like CBRE and obtain competitive bids quickly for pre-close work, inspections, and funding recommendations.

  • Centralize project management.

    Streamline workflows and easily sync important property and contact information to confidently manage project progress and ensure everything is moving forward as scheduled. Centralized project management allows you to drive efficiencies, store important communication, and improve collaboration.

Ready to transform your commercial draw inspections?