Lien waivers, compliance, & payments

Sage 300 + Built

Eliminate data entry using Built’s Sage 300 CRE integration. Link Built directly to Sage, making invoicing, lien waivers, compliance documentation and electronic payments hassle-free.

Streamline construction accounts payable.

Scale accounts payable operations while improving visibility into downstream documentation.

Prevent payment delays.

Don’t risk late payments. Built tracks primary & lower tier lien waivers, notices, and ensures all compliance documents are current.

Automate the busy work.

Eliminate inefficiency and potential for errors. Streamline your entire lien waiver and compliance workflow without the hassle of repetitive, manual tasks.

Gain visibility of lower-tier compliance.

Easily monitor lower-tier lien waivers, sworn statements, and preliminary notices. By consolidating all relevant documents in one location, you effectively reduce business risks

Sync projects, invoices, and cost data between Built and Sage 300 CRE.

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Learn how your team can improve lien waiver and compliance management.

Boost your Sage 300 workflow with Built.

Modernize your bookkeeping.

Collect and manage all your AIA-styled and direct cost invoices in one place. Implement guardrails and approval workflows to ensure accuracy.

Track all of your documents in one place.

Collect notices, certificates of insurance, safety documents, and financials in one secure location. Monitor document status to ensure your team is compliant.

Automate your lien waiver process.

Quickly create lien waivers and enable trade partners to sign electronically. View the status of all lien waivers in one place and follow up on missing signatures.

Streamline your construction billing process.

Enable subcontractors to connect and manage their bank accounts so they get paid faster. And with Built’s integrated ACH solution, you can make high-volume payments securely.

$100B+ in lien waiver volume

managed on Built since 2017.