Data Sharing & Integrations for Seamless Connectivity.

Spend less time on data entry and management and more time serving your customers.

Built + nCino

Transforming construction lending with turnkey solutions

Simplify processes and gain visibility access to more powerful data, from loan origination through construction completion and stabilization

Connect and extend your system capabilities

Built’s powerful SFTP data-sharing process enables you to connect data to and from Built’s CLA Post-close Software.

Common system connections include:
  • Loan origination systems (LOS)

  • Imaging or Document systems

  • Servicing | Accounting systems

  • Draw inspection systems

You don’t have the time to invest in a lengthy system implementation

Built offers a standard package of Batch Data Processes that can be quickly enabled to import anex export data from Core, Servicing, LOS or other data in the Built CLA Post-close Software.

Key benefits of Built Batch Import & Exports:
  • Reduce overhead time associated with manual data entry and system comparisons

  • Improve data confidence and ensure you’re always working with the most up-to-date information

  • Minimize risk for human error

  • Create a more efficient way to connect data from internal systems to manage loans and draws from a single platform

  • Empower loan administrators to confidently approve and process draw requests

Partner Integrations

First National Bank + Built

FNBMT sought a technology solution to bring their post-closing construction loan administration process online--increasing efficiency and improving communication and transparency between all key parties.

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