Built Improves Inspection & Draw for Traditions Mortgage, Resulting in High Growth

Built has become a differentiator for Traditions Mortgage when hiring team members. Their usage of Built places them as a top company for Loan Officer candidates. Their high volume of construction loans increasingly draws in new business across large and small builders and contractors. “Built gives us the leverage we need to attract and retain Loan Officers,” Teresa Gregory, President at Traditions Mortgage.

Using Built, the mortgage lending process is cleaner, neater, and shorter—leading to happier builders. Traditions Mortgage is equipped to process more business in less time while increasing loan volume. Built has enabled the entire Traditions Mortgage team to respond to customer inquiries and project status requests and provide budget analyses, all by opening Built’s comprehensive app.

Our investment in Built says to the building industry that we are committed to helping builders and making things easier for them.

Teresa Gregory | Traditions Mortgage President


Traditions Mortgage had all the right pieces in place—a strong team, project management knowledge, and an increasing volume of loans. However, they required a tool to bring all of their project information into a centralized location to accelerate their speed and efficiency. Excel spreadsheets, multiple calls to check project status, lengthy draw schedules, and hours spent troubleshooting spread the Traditions Mortgage team thin.

Traditions Mortgage held a large market share of the construction lending industry in the South Central Pennsylvania area, but they wanted to grow and have the best team. Finding an external solution they could integrate in-house became essential to maintaining their increasing loan volume. Built became the single-source answer to elevating their construction loan portfolio and attracting the best employee talent to their company.


Built provides Traditions Mortgage with enhanced project transparency, greater process efficiency, and improved draw schedules. Built gives users 24/7 access to project status online from anywhere. For Traditions Mortgage, the ability to see a project’s status at the touch of their fingertips has improved their business process from start to end. By including all project stakeholders on the same platform, everyone has uninterrupted access to projects to keep the process moving quickly and efficiently through Built.

User experience was a primary factor in choosing Built for Traditions Mortgage. Due to the intuitive nature of the system, they had many early adopters, including inspectors, appraisers, and large-size builders. Traditions Mortgage customers are now able to see all of their projects in one place at any time. Kathy Brown, Loan Officer at Traditions Mortgage, is better equipped to keep up with incoming requests no matter where she is. “Being able to open Built’s app on my phone to check any project’s details on demand gives me peace of mind, and allows me to give my clients answers the same day—not wait multiple business days for answers.”

Prior to leveraging Built, Traditions Mortgage was handling the draw process entirely manually. With Built, the draw time has sped up, leading to increased accuracy and improved draw schedules. More accurate draws mean more accurate budgets, allowing money to get out the door faster and ensuring all projects are moving along on schedule.

Commitment to this technology has placed Traditions Mortgage as a leader in the construction industry.

Teresa Gregory | Traditions Mortgage President