Texas Partners Bank Streamlines Workflow Increasing Administrative Bandwidth

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San Antonio, TX
Construction Loan Administration, Risk Mitigation, Inspection Technology & Services

Established in 2007, Texas Partners Bank was founded by a group of local investors who sought to bring a new business model to banking in South Texas. The community bank specializes in commercial banking and is focused on helping customers build their businesses.

To further grow their construction portfolio, the bank sought a solution to automate its manual, time consuming loan management process and effectively monitor its growing portfolio. After researching various construction finance solutions, the bank chose Built based on strict criteria and the solution’s ability to streamline the workflow process for all parties involved. “We now have an automated budget and centralized system for all parties involved,” said Andrew Reid, Chief Credit Risk Officer. “It’s an amazing system.”

Our loan administrators love the fact that Built has streamlined their work process, and our builders enjoy having the ability to view their overall exposure within the bank.

Andrew Reid
Chief Risk Officer

The results

After adopting Built, Texas Partners Bank experienced significant improvements across various aspects of their operations. They saw a marked increase in portfolio growth and enhanced transparency, providing deeper insights into portfolios and enabling more effective management-level reporting.

The use of Built streamlined workflows and processes, freeing up administrative bandwidth and allowing teams to focus on higher-value tasks. Draw turnaround time decreased dramatically, from 7-10 days to less than 2 days.

Built contributed to risk reduction and error mitigation through process automation and standardization, further enhancing operational stability and effectiveness.