Built Simplifies Lending Experience for Builder, Borrower & Lender

Simplicity Homes uses Built to manage their residential home building projects. With this type of project, there are typically a lot of moving pieces—and every bank they work with has a different set of forms and paperwork for their loans. Simplicity Homes has seen tremendous value in working with lenders that are using Built.

Built is an incredibly user-friendly platform in which each of the lenders we work with are able to customize the setup and draw processes to their specifications, while keeping the general interface the same. This allows us, as the builder, to provide more efficient service to our customers. With the level of growth we’ve seen in recent years, this is invaluable to us—Built allows us to do more with less.

Aubrey Oslund | Billing Administrator


One of the biggest challenges that Simplicity Homes faces is coordinating all the paperwork that banks require for each of their customers’ projects. Each bank that they work with has their own needs, their own forms, and their own way of distributing loans. Because each of their customers chooses their own bank financing, Simplicity Homes works with all of them.

There is an enormous benefit to working with lenders that are on Built because the platform accommodates the easy exchange of information and allows for customization so that everyone’s needs are met—customer, lender, and builder. And, Simplicity Homes values that it’s an intuitive software that is easy for their customers to adopt quickly—and they can even explain how to do things in a phone call.


The efficiencies that Built provides allow Simplicity Homes to better bridge the gap between lender and customer. This creates a better experience for everyone in what is usually one of the most stressful endeavors in a customer’s life. Simplicity Homes helps their customers build their dream home—and working with lenders that use Built makes that process seamless.


Not only has Simplicity Homes been able to provide a stellar customer experience when they work with lenders that use Built for construction loan administration, but they’ve also been able to grow their business tremendously. As they’ve experienced exponential growth in the last few years, Built has enabled their team to keep up with all of the necessary work behind-the-scenes.




Oregon, Washington,  Idaho