Sachem Capital (SACH) Implements Built to Optimize Lending Operations

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Sachem Capital

Residential Fix-n-Flip, CRE
Branford, CT
Construction Loan Administration, Inspections Technology & Services, Risk Mitigation

Sachem Capital provides short term financing solutions for real estate investors. They sought to streamline their workflow and make the draw process more efficient and transparent for borrowers, ultimately landing on Built’s Construction Loan Administration (CLA) platform.

Disparate and manual processes have been the standard way of operating in the lending industry for some time, but lenders like Sachem Capital saw firsthand how cumbersome workflow can be for long-term growth.

Going from the old antiquated to a new very streamlined, thorough, and robust platform, I’m excited about the potential growth in our company. I think this is going to free up enough resources to allow us to invest in other avenues.

Scott Iovene
Construction Manager

The challenge

Prior to using Built, the Sachem Capital team utilized several applications to perform their necessary tasks, including the Microsoft Office suite for document management and Truepic for inspections. This scattered approach consumed excessive time and effort. It was also cumbersome for the borrower, who had to use multiple applications to submit a single draw request.

Despite their obstacles, Sachem Capital was scaling. With this growth, they still wanted to manage their portfolio with their in-house team. They needed a software partner to do so and found Built through organic search. After a rigorous process of comparing Built to its competitors, they decided to proceed with Built.

The solution

Navigating the implementation of new software is often a daunting endeavor for organizations. Sachem Capital, however, experienced a collaborative and thorough process with Built. Throughout Built’s implementation process, Sachem Capital could test, learn, and provide feedback before progressing to the next phase.

The decision to partner with Built over alternative solutions was rooted in the platform’s robustness and unified structure. From a lending perspective, no software matched the level of robust functionality provided by Built. For borrowers, the software maintains a streamlined structure, offering essential information in one centralized location. Communication, document tracking, and financial statements all share a home in Built, making it seamless to view the same information as the rest of the team.

With Built, Sachem Capital can now allocate resources to other aspects of their business, explore the possibility of reducing time spent on operational tasks, and focus on prioritizing customer-centric initiatives and delivering enhanced value to their shareholders.

We were looking at all the other competitors we could. Built was above and beyond the rest, especially for us as a partnership.

Scott Iovene
Construction Manager