Modernize Draw Management & Lending Processes

A digital system for construction loan draw processing and administration equips Canadian construction lenders with tools to monitor exposure, automate oversight and collateral management, and provide a seamless client experience to increase customer loyalty.

Increase Project Transparency

Built provides quantity surveyors increased loan oversight and clear project monitoring for all key stakeholders.

Expand Efficiencies

  • Eliminate manual processes around construction draw administration through online collaboration software to establish client loyalty
  • Implement a construction collateral system of record to simplify work and minimize complexity
  • Standardize lending processes for scale using technology that creates reliability and predictability for your construction loan portfolio

Reduce Risk

  • Gain access to reporting functionality for compliance and risk management, including proactive alerts on potential problem loans
  • Provide a standard, cloud-based point of access for all involved project stakeholders to manage each and every loan
  • Automate reconciliation and resolution with complete transparency
Powering Projects For

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