Lienwaivers powered by Built introduces xTier, an automated system for managing lower-tier lien waivers and payments

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Sean Richardson
PUBLISHED: 12/5/2018

SIOUX CITY, IOWA / November 13, 2018 — Lienwaivers powered by Built introduces xTier, an automated system for requesting, collecting, and tracking lien waivers and payments from all parties involved in a construction project. Lienwaivers powered by Built xTier provides unprecedented visibility into payments flowing from owners through general contractors and primary subcontractors to lower-tier subcontractors, equipment vendors, and material suppliers—surfacing actionable data, signaling risk, and prompting intervention long before a lien is ever filed.

Lienwaivers powered by Built xTier pairs preliminary notices with sworn statements and lien waivers in a simple, streamlined workflow. General contractors can choose to request lien waivers from primary and secondary vendors, or all claimants on a project, using custom lien waiver templates and multiple signing options.

xTier is immediately usable by every claimant. Subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers do not need a Lienwaivers powered by Built account to complete their lien waivers.  Upon signing, lien waivers from lower tiers are available to general contractors through their Lienwaivers powered by Built dashboard. In addition, users of Lienwaivers powered by Built electronic payment services can exchange lien waivers and payments with lower-tier vendors via same day ACH, eliminating the need for clumsy joint check processes.

Lienwaivers powered by Built xTier works together with existing Lienwaivers powered by Built integrations to bring lower-tier lien waivers to common construction accounting and management systems such as Procore, QuickBooks, Sage, and Xero. DocuSign customers can easily connect their account to Lienwaivers powered by Built to leverage DocuSign’s electronic signature and notarization services.

“Adding support for lower-tier lien waivers was the #1 requested feature for our lien waiver management software,” notes Geoff Arnold, CEO and Co-Founder of Lienwaivers powered by Built. “Thanks to the feedback from general contractors and home builders in our Early Access Program, we’ve built a solution that goes far beyond anything else on the market in terms of functionality and usability. For Lienwaivers powered by Built, xTier represents our graduation from a process optimization tool to a full platform for managing risk on construction projects.”

Check out Lienwaivers powered by Built’s lower-tier lien waiver solution by visiting DocuSign’s booth #305 on November 13, 2018 at 1PM CST at this year’s Procore Groundbreak construction conference in Austin, Texas.

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At Lienwaivers powered by Built, we’re building best-in-class cloud-based construction disbursement solutions. Our platform leverages leading technology to save builders time and money while reducing their operational risk.  Lienwaivers powered by Built enables contractors to request, collect, and track lien waivers using their existing accounting or project management systems, including Sage 100, Sage 300, QuickBooks Desktop & Online, Xero, and Procore, without duplicate data entry. In addition to lien waiver tracking, Lienwaivers powered by Built offers advanced features such as electronic signature, electronic notarization, electronic ACH payment and W-9 collection all from a user-friendly, cloud-based dashboard. Lienwaivers powered by Built automates the manual and time-consuming construction lien waiver and payment process, saving builders hours per month, while reducing lien risk and enabling contractors to pay, and get paid, faster.  The company focuses on convenience and security, and meets SOC 1 and SOC 2 standards for financial controls. Our cloud-based software is pay-as-you-go, with no expensive installations or complicated training. For more information, visit Lienwaivers powered by Built or follow us online at @lienwaivers on Twitter or Facebook at