Waiver aging automatically monitors outstanding waivers

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Sean Richardson
PUBLISHED: 03/12/2018

In construction companies large and small, waivers and other documentation quickly adds up to the hundreds if not thousands of hours each month.  It takes a heroic effort to keep track of every waiver and release, potentially resulting in delayed payments, longer projects, and liability. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the responsibility to monitor projects being paid on time. That is, until now! Lienwaivers powered by Built takes the strenuous work off of you by automatically monitors outstanding waivers.

Do you worry your emails to your subs got buried or even deleted? We know it’s easy to forget about things in the midst of simultaneous projects, and reminding subs of their outstanding waivers can get pushed to the back burner. Your projects can be stressful enough without having to worry about lost waivers. We want contractors like you to have the tools you need to stay on top of your projects and managing outstanding waivers.

The waiver aging process is simple since all of your documents are easily accessible from your Lienwaivers powered by Built dashboard. Lienwaivers powered by Built automatically indicates the status of your waivers, including which are signed and unsigned, in real-time. No more trying to remember off the top of your head if one of subs remembered to pay you or not. What a relief! All you have to do is send reminders with a simple click, and get your waivers back faster — without ever picking up a phone!

Why are customers love waiver aging:

  • “With a quick glance, I can easily see what’s signed and unsigned, and for how long.  If I need to send a reminder, it’s one click.”
  • “Not needing to pick up a phone and nag subs is amazing. It makes my job so much better.”
  • “We’re exchanging waivers and releases faster because the process is all electronic. This has improved our business.”

Lienwaivers powered by Built is dedicated to building innovative software solutions for the construction industry so your business can run more efficiently. See more for yourself: schedule a demo today at Lienwaivers powered by Built Live Demo.