U.S. Bank Housing Capital Company Partners with Built to Digitize Construction Lending

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Built Team
PUBLISHED: 02/11/2021

Working with our customers and partners to change the way the world is built has been our mission since inception. These partnerships help us better understand the way this industry operates—and where there is room to make our solutions even more effective, all with the goal of providing the best possible customer experience.

Today, we’re excited to share that U.S. Bank Housing Capital Company, a division of U.S. Bank that specializes in offering full-service banking solutions to private and public homebuilders, has chosen to partner with Built as part of their strategic plan to invest in customer-oriented solutions. Together, we can enable the faster flow of funds for an improved customer experience, enhancing construction lending for all parties involved. 

As U.S. Bank Housing Capital Company works toward their mission of offering best-in-class service to homebuilders, their choice to go digital with Built will enable a seamless experience for all of their Housing Capital clients, accelerating their capabilities in a digital world. Built’s cloud-based offering provides complete transparency and visibility for their team—including the availability of funds or inspection and collateral status. An all-in-one solution like Built will help their team process draws, disbursements and collateral additions faster than ever before. These capabilities, in turn, secure processes, helping to manage risk and maximize productivity for the U.S. Bank Housing Capital Company team to the benefit of their customers. 

Our focus is on helping U.S. Bank Housing Capital Company create a seamless digital process that empowers borrowers and builders and frees bank staff to add more value throughout the process. U.S. Bank Housing Capital Company prioritizes innovation. They recognize that customer satisfaction drives growth. Built, which makes construction finance management efficient and seamless, is essential to ensuring that experience.

Strategic partnerships like this one help us better understand our customers—and to empower them with the tools they need to provide best-in-class service for their customers. We’re proud to partner with U.S. Bank Housing Capital Company and look forward to what the future has in store.