The Mortgage Collaborative Connect: What’s New in Construction?

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Built Team
PUBLISHED: 03/31/2021



The Mortgage Collective recently invited Built Lending Channel Manager Jim Fraser to discuss what’s new in construction with Brian Brunhofer, Division President at Taylor Morrison. They shared their combined expertise with The Mortgage Collaborative to discuss some of the industry’s most pressing challenges and trends.

This conversation kicked off by discussing:

  • Low supply & high demand
  • Project building speed
  • Limited releases
  • How builders are working

In addition to those trends, the conversation focused in on budgeting challenges in relation to:

  • Labor Supply in select markets
  • Product supply & supply chain challenges
  • Allocation amounts
  • Cost and timing issues

Jim Fraser and Brian Brunhofer also emphasized the importance of knowing your builder by asking the following:

  • How do they operate?
  • How are they financed?
  • What is their process to deliver a great experience?
  • What’s their website like?
  • Are they offering a sophisticated experience?

Finally, they touched on the importance of synchronization between builder and lender for any type of construction project. For owners in particular, this means transparent processes and uninhibited flow of funding and communication—both of which are incredibly important for the success of your build.


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