Streamline Your Construction Payment Process with Electronic ACH Payments + Lien Waivers

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Sean Richardson
PUBLISHED: 04/14/2020

Now more than ever, the internet plays a major role in everything we do. Many businesses have been forced to move all processes online in order to maintain normal operations. In doing this, your construction business can take advantage of new innovations in technology to improve processes, increase efficiency and best of all, make your life easier.

Our platform exponentially raises efficiency by eliminating the need to print and mail lien waivers and checks, and resolves pending payments once your vendors sign their lien waivers. Easily attach an ACH payment to a lien waiver and your vendor, contractor, or subcontractor will get electronically paid simultaneously once they sign their waiver. Convenient, dependable and guaranteed. 

What is ACH Payments by Lienwaivers? 

Lienwaivers, powered by Built Technologies, is a web-based platform designed to manage risk, eliminate manual processes and improve the customer experience in construction financing. 

When dealing with the payment system in construction, there are several parties involved: owners, lenders, general and subcontractors, and vendors. Needless to say, the chain of document and payment exchange can get incredibly complex. 

ACH Payments by Lienwaivers was created to streamline and simplify the construction payment processing system. With a constant stream of documents and money flowing during each stage of the construction, our software works to remove the barriers of “paperwork exchanged for money” and create a viable system that functions electronically from lender to vendor. 

Benefits Electronic ACH Payments Exchanged for Signed Lien Waivers ? 

One of the largest advantages of the ACH Payments by Lienwaivers is its continual, whole system approach. Your current payment process most likely includes you or a team member taking the time to prepare and cut checks, mail out lien waivers, wait for documents to be returned, and then finally sending payment in the form of a paper check. With our electronic ACH payments, everything is streamlined to work automatically, keeping you free to focus on important tasks at hand. 

Your contractors and vendors will trust that they will immediately receive payment once they sign their lien waiver electronically, creating a sense of urgency for your partners, instant gratification and comfort of receiving prompt payment.

Best of all, our product is extremely easy to use. Customizable emailed instructions to your contractors and vendors will leave no confusion on the steps needed to sign and complete the payment process. They are not required to create an account with Lienwaivers powered by Built, or download an electronic signature application. The necessary technology is automatically available to them through the platform. 

Needless to say, our platform saves time by preventing delays, and ensures a properly signed lien waiver, every time. That’s truly the best part of this payment process – it’s a win-win for everyone. 

Free Webinar to Learn More: Hear from a Midwest Home Builder on the Success Received by Utilizing this ACH Payments by Lienwaivers: Kelly Construction 

If you’re interested in learning more about ACH Payments by Lienwaivers and how it truly integrates within a live construction payment process, Lienwaivers’ Client Success Manager Luis Trejo hosted a free webinar with Lienwaivers customer, Kelly Construction, to talk out all the details.

COO of Kelly Construction, Virginia Anderson, shared how they’ve implemented ACH Payments and the benefits to their business. One of the many praises Virginia shares about using the Lienwaivers platform is it’s reduction in the average time spent signing lien waivers from 3.37 days to only a half of a day! 

Tune in to learn how you can create lien waivers in bulk, deliver for electronic signature and send an ACH payment using your existing construction accounting system!

What if Taking 25 minutes to Tune Into This Webinar Changed the Trajectory of How You Completed Your Lien Waiver Process? Grab Your Seat Now.