Top 9 Featured Procore App Marketplace Applications

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Sean Richardson
PUBLISHED: 09/10/2020

Procore is one of the top project management software solutions for the construction industry, but you already knew that. This one system can connect the entire construction process to every member on your team, but there are simple ways that you may not be aware of to make your experience with Procore even more enjoyable.

These Top Featured Procore App Marketplace Applications are ready to help you take your construction operations to new efficiency levels never realized before. If you haven’t already integrated these applications into your Procore, get ready to click install.

Hint: Find a bonus application at the bottom of this article!

Top Nine Featured Applications within the Procore App Marketplace


1. DocuSign 

Known as the leading electronic signature app, the DocuSign integration is an obvious aid in sending, receiving, reviewing, and returning signed documents digitally. This integration allows Procore users to utilize their DocuSign account within any and all documents created in Procore that need to be sent out for electronic signature.

DocuSign makes documentation easy. Increase contract returns, approvals, and workflows with this necessary Procore extension.

Tip: Integrate DocuSign with the #5 application to get the most out of DocuSign with Procore!


2. DroneDeploy

There’s no better way to keep tabs on each project than with high-resolution drone footage. With this integration, Procore users can oversee every project from start to finish without second guessing. This cloud-based image processing integration not only ensures productivity and accuracy, but also gives owners and stakeholders peace of mine with daily/weekly logs of progress reports.

DroneDeploy provides a comprehensive view of the reality in each of your construction projects. Access, analyze, and report back with this data all through your Procore account.


3. EarthCam

High-quality, real-time content is essential to truly managing your job sites. Your EarthCam construction camera can sync directly within your Procore Photo Album, so you can monitor, document, and promote your construction progress all from one place.

EarthCam not only provides clear visual documentation through HD archival imagery, but also through live streaming video, on-demand time-lapse movies, and 360-degree panoramic views. Credibility is found in content, which is what ultimately will drive your bids and leads in this digital-driven world.


4. JD Edwards Integration by Calance 

Eliminate manual data entries, application updates, and configurations with the JD Edwards Integration by Calance. The construction industry is already complex enough—this integration increases efficiency, improves communication, and builds data quality for Procore users. The best part? Once this application is downloaded, Procore users get to sit back and reap the benefits without lifting a finger.

5. Lienwaivers powered by Built

Lien waivers can easily become a long, drawn-out legal process that builds tension, delays payments, and disrupts organization. With the Lienwaivers powered by Built integration, Procore users can create, send, collect, and track primary and second tier lien waivers using Procore Financial Management or their existing accounting software.

Lienwaivers powered by Built can work in multiple integrations within Procore. Whether you’re wanting to create lien waivers individually for vendor invoices, prime contract invoices, direct costs, or in bulk, Lienwaivers powered by Built is the solution.

With Lienwaivers powered by Built, you can also track notice to owners, sworn statements, supplier lists and more directly inside of Procore. Your notice to owner, lien waiver, and sworn statement process just got automated. 


6. myCOI

If dealing with insurance claims and litigation overwhelms you, then the myCOI integration may serve as your favorite application on this list. Allow a team of trusted insurance professionals to collect the certificates of insurance, resolve compliance matters, and track renewals for your business.

Your Procore account will be notified if legal action is needed and you’ll have a team to guide you through next steps. Let your software work for you with insurance expertise built in. 


7. myComply

Be in the know with every jobsite by leveraging the myComply application. Shared directly to Procore’s Daily Log Tool, this integration complies attendance data, hours, various data reports, and much more for each worksite. This allows you to oversee all construction projects while ensuring your contractors are working effectively and diligently.


8. Procore for Outlook

Communication is an essential part of any business operation. With Procore for Outlook, you can direct all your project communications to your Procore account so nothing goes unseen or misplaced. Your team members can forward email content and file attachments from Microsoft Outlook to Procore, and all information will automatically store within the Documents tool of Procore.


9. Zoom

One-click meetings. Need we say more? The Zoom integration is another key extension to enhance your field communications and organize all schedules. Procore enabled Zoom to ensure any and all remote stakeholders or professionals can get connected from anywhere with any device. 

This tool allows Procore users to collaborate, track initiatives, and connect via video conference with one single click.


quickbooks online procoreo

Bonus: Procore / QuickBooks Online Bridge

Are you a Quickbooks Online user? You can now connect your Procore account to Quickbooks Online using the Lienwaivers powered by Built Bridge integration. If you tend to use the invoicing tools within Quickbooks and want a clear synchronization between your data within Procore, this integration has you covered.

You can manage your entire lien waiver process and all your financial arrangements without leaving Procore, literally.


Leveraging multiple integrations within your your construction project management software will help you get the most out of your software investment while improving your construction business . Although there are hundreds of integrations available on the Procore App Marketplace, integrating these top nine applications will surely boost your efforts and better position your operation as a whole. Once you discover mainstream business, you’ll never go back.

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