How Vanessa Rez delivers a winning builder and borrower experience with Built

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Kenzie Hammerstrom
PUBLISHED: 01/29/2024

Vanessa Rez is a leading loan officer with nearly 20 years of experience in construction lending.

She’d been working with her former employer for 9 years when she was told they were freezing their portfolio and pausing construction loans immediately.

To find her next opportunity, Vanessa quickly assembled a list of 18 potential employers. She evaluated each company based on 17 prerequisites, including whether the company used the Built platform. Vanessa had been using Built for years to streamline her construction loan administration process and knew it was essential to her success as a loan officer.

She eventually found her way to Built customer Mann Mortgage. “Because Built has been a constant, Mann Mortgage felt like home,” says Vanessa.

Creating an exceptional builder and borrower experience

At Mann Mortgage, Vanessa is focused on delivering a great builder and borrower experience. With the help of Built, she’s able to do just that.

Faster draw times leads to happier builders and more referrals

Faster draw times are one of the many reasons Vanessa has such a strong relationship with her builders. With Built, Vanessa is able to pay her builders faster. She processes draw requests in less than 3 days compared to the 3 week timeframe many builders are typically accustomed to.

“One builder emailed us and said that the draw process was the fastest they’d seen in any company they’d ever worked for,” shares Vanessa.

Streamlining operations with Built makes builders happier, and keeping builders happy is good for business. Builders are one of Vanessa’s top sources of referrals and contribute to her growing success.

“I chose to go to Mann Mortgage because they had Built. I didn’t want to go somewhere where there would be complaints about draws, or I’d lose my biggest referral source,” says Vanessa.

Proactive project management keeps borrowers on track

With Built, Vanessa is also able to deliver a great borrower experience.

She logs into Built multiple times a week to gather important updates on draws, check inspector photos, and review project timelines. She then shares this information with her borrowers on a monthly basis.

This proactive approach recently allowed Vanessa to identify an issue that threatened to derail a $45,000 home renovation loan. By quickly addressing the delay, she ensured the project stayed on track.

“I was so happy that I knew what was happening in the project and that everything would be done in a timely manner,” shares Vanessa.

Inspection insights helps the team meet their deadlines

Vanessa and her team at Mann Mortgage also schedule regular monthly inspections and monitor progress in Built. Since Vanessa typically oversees 7 inspections per project, having quick access to insights is extremely important.

By staying actively involved in the construction process through Built, Vanessa has been instrumental in ensuring projects are completed within the 12-month timeline.

Streamlined operations lead to winning results

Using Built, Vanessa has created a winning construction loan administration process for her borrowers and builders.

And, her work has massively paid off.

Within less than a year of joining Mann Mortgage, Vanessa was awarded Construction Loan Officer of the Year. This award is given to the person with the highest production level and is a huge accomplishment, especially for a new team member.

Vanessa has grown her business and isn’t slowing down anytime soon. She is excited to continue partnering with Built to help her clients build their dream homes.