How to Promote Your Home Building or Construction Company Online

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Sean Richardson
PUBLISHED: 08/24/2020

Although it may certainly not be your favorite part of the job, learning how to properly and strategically promote your home building or construction business online is one of the best ways to stimulate growth.

Sure, you may not chalk yourself up to being an expert at digital marketing, but the good news is, these days you don’t have to be. There are plenty of easy, reliable and legitimate ways to promote yourself and your business online, for a relatively low cost. These simple tactics will not only get you noticed by potential new clients but they can also help solidify your footprint in an increasingly crowded digital space.

Of course, a website for your business is a major important step — and one in which you absolutely should invest —but it isn’t the only promotional avenue. By leveraging the following internal and external promotional tools, you’re sure to see your construction business grow.

Promote your business on external sites to leverage greater search ability.

A website exclusively devoted to all things home design, Houzz is a resource utilized by construction professionals and décor dreamers alike. While many homeowners scroll the site for design inspiration and even shop the site for furnishings and fixtures, home builders, designers, contractors and other industry professionals leverage the platform as an additional site on which they can promote their business. With the opportunity to “Join As A Pro,” construction professionals can create profiles that not only show off their skillset, credentials, and photographs of their work, but they can also gather new client information directly from the site so they can connect with them to see about work. Perhaps the best feature of all, Houzz also has the smarts to identify browsers and shoppers who appear to be interested in work that requires professional help, and connects them with professionals who are sure to nail the job — literally.

There are additional online business directories — like the Better Business Bureau or Angie’s List — which can also be valuable and offer additional legitimacy and credibility to your business and your quality of work. And Google My Business is a must-have for legitimizing your business’s search engine results. With rating systems and testimonials, listing your business on one (or all!) of these sites proves you’re a legitimate business that’s worth exploring.

Third, professional networking sites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor can help to improve your company’s visibility, connect you with other like-businesses, and offer you a platform to showcase yourself as a leader in your field. By posting photographs of a recently-completed job, you can generate interest and pick up referrals, and by posting about hiring needs or asking for a subcontractor referral, you’ll put yourself top-of-mind for others in your industry. Maintaining a basic level of activity on these platforms can increase your chances of being discovered via the expansive world of the internet.

Last but certainly not least, when it comes to promoting your business via external websites you can’t overlook the power of social media. This doesn’t mean participating in the latest TikTok dance trends, but it does mean posting your work to sites like Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook. Heck, by simply maintaining an active account on one of these platforms — even if you don’t post often — provides your clients with an opportunity for endorsements. Satisfied clients excited to show off their new home can tag your business in their posts while showcasing their new digs. Chances are, one of their followers will take note of the ringing endorsement and reach out to you when they’re ready to renovate.

Promote your business via your own website with a matching custom domain.

It may sound obvious, but having a legitimate piece of online real estate with your business name on it lends major credibility to your company. Platforms like Squarespace, WIX, and Weebly make building your own website wildly affordable, and a custom domain typically clocks in at just twenty bucks per year.

But just because you have a business website, doesn’t mean it’s working. Putting in a little extra effort can make all the difference in the way search engines like Google view you, which ultimately affects how you to show up for people who are searching.

First, invest in good content. Create a Portfolio page where you can share web-friendly images of your best work, show off your craftsmanship, and give clients a taste of what to expect when working from you. Make sure you have a Contact page, where prospective new clients can easily send you an inquiry, and you can automatically collect their name, email and phone number. And last but certainly not least, put together an About page, where you can both list out your experience and skills, and utilize commonly searched keywords all over your website as a means of improving your search engine optimization (SEO).

Finally, build your site’s strength. Think of your website like a spider web: the bigger the web, the easier it is to catch a fly. By linking your website to other sites, your virtual spider web gets bigger, and so too does your chance of catching something. The easiest way to grow your virtual web is by linking to all the aforementioned external sites — like Houzz, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. Known as “backlinks,” these links help to prove your website’s strength and legitimacy, and ultimately helps it to rank higher in search engine listings. By casting a wider and stronger net, you’ll be much more likely to show up for people who are looking for you.

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