Construction Loan Mapping of Covid-19 Impacted Markets

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Jim Fraser
PUBLISHED: 03/25/2020

As Covid-19 expands across the U.S., specific markets are being impacted differently. To help monitor market-by-market impacts, Built is providing clients with a correlation map that overlays current construction loan portfolios with markets where construction has been halted or otherwise restricted. 

A portion of the map seen below provides clients with an interactive solution to quickly understand which properties are impacted. 

Maps will be available in the Built Insights reporting platform and specific to client loan data, which updates the map as clients make changes. Built’s data team is assembling work stoppage and other restriction reports from government sources such as states, counties, and municipalities to support our clients in determining properties that may be impacted by material or labor shortages. 

Mapping data for construction halts will be updated daily and continue until further notice. Please contact client success if you have any questions.