Bringing Billing into Focus: announcing a revolutionary enhancement to Built’s core construction software

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Sean Richardson
PUBLISHED: 02/9/2021

Since its inception, Built has been on a mission to create and improve upon financial tools that better power the construction industry. What started out as a company with a single platform for lenders (Construction Loan Administration, CLA) has since grown and evolved to include multiple software solutions for builders, contractors, inspectors and nearly everyone within the construction ecosystem.

Almost exactly one year ago now, Built acquired to effectively launch the second major arm of our financial solutions, today known as Built for Construction. With software meant to facilitate the expedient exchange of necessary documentation for payment, this focused division has engineered massive improvements to lien waiver features and helped to make project managers’, general contractors’ and homebuilders’ workflows seamless and efficient, ultimately accelerating their project timelines and eliminating headaches along the way.

Despite the improvements, keeping track of lien waivers, payments, sworn statements, and notice to owners was only half the battle for general contractors and homebuilders. The lack of construction-specific billing solutions that catered to the industry’s specific needs left them with invoicing tools that only did half the job. What the industry really yearned for was a product that could streamline invoicing from conception to completion, facilitating clear visibility, expedient document exchange, and improved organization for every single step of every single invoice’s lifecycle.

With all that in mind, it should be no surprise to say we’re elated to announce the launch of a tool that can do exactly that.

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Introducing revolutionary enhancements to Built’s core construction software

Built’s 2021 product initiatives bring the entire billing cycle into focus. With our latest features in Q1, we are delivering functionality that compliments the lien waiver and payments tools already in the Built, and introducing real-time visibility into the stage of every single invoice, compliance document and payment.

A purpose-built solution that aims to combat and eradicate the challenges of billing in the construction sector, Built’s software makes sense of billing so contractors can focus on building.

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