HiLine Homes Increases Cross-Functional Transparency with Built

HiLine Homes had the task of overseeing various construction projects while also ensuring that project information was readily available to homeowners, builders, and lenders involved. With Built, all parties involved are able to stay informed and up-to-date at every stage of the construction process, regardless of their role.

Communication is the single most important [feature]—as soon as one person posts a comment, uploads a document, requests a draw or an inspection, everyone is informed.

Diana Hudspeth | HiLine Homes Office Manager


Effective communication is essential to ensure the success of any construction project. HiLine Homes is responsible for maintaining good relationships with their lenders and customers and making it vital to have a transparent and centralized platform to facilitate communication among all parties involved.

Built offers a centralized source of information to the HiLine Homes team and all other parties involved in the building process. This platform ensures that everyone is informed and updated every step of the way.


By using Built, all parties can see the loan’s current status, any open draws, all paid draws, and many other specific items on a given project. Because that information is accessible by all, everything is documented and visible.

When inspections occur, the photos are shared with all parties, helping keep things very transparent and eliminating potential opportunities for miscommunication. Transparency improves both the homeowner’s experience and the lender’s experience. The relationships that HiLine Homes is able to build as a result of transparency is key to their success.


As the HiLine Homes team uses Built to manage their construction projects, every comment, document, draw request, and inspection request is available to every party involved in the process. The ability to centralize communication, eliminate unnecessary email, and speed up the process for each of these tasks ensures transparency, in addition to faster results. The direct line of communication provided between builder and borrower is “extremely useful” to their team.




Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California.