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Payment management shouldn’t be so complicated.

Tedious data entry, strict documentation processes, and subcontractor management make construction finance difficult. Alleviate the stress of construction payments with Built.
Lien Waiver Management
Compliance Tracking
Built Pay

Lien Waiver Management

Cut your lien waiver process in half by digitizing the entire process. Electronically create, send, track, receive, and file lien waivers right from the Built dashboard.

Sync with Current Software to Maximize Efficiency

Integrate with the project management and accounting tools you’re already using to reduce data entry and eliminate errors

Create and Send Lien Waivers in Batches

Simply choose your desired template and then select all applicable subcontractors and vendors to create and send lien waivers in seconds.

Gain Teamwide Visibility

Boost collaboration and maximize job efficiency by granting teamwide access to the Built dashboard so all hands are on deck.

Compliance Tracking

Guarantee compliance by electronically managing legal documentation for every single job. Request, gather, and store all necessary documents in one place.

Digitize Documentation

Gone are the days of gathering hard copies of every critical compliance document. Compliance Tracking simplifies the entire process by making it digital.

Improve Organization

Say goodbye to your filing cabinets. With a digital filing system available directly inside the Built dashboard, files not only stay put, but are easy to find, too.

Guarantee Compliance

Notify your subcontractors via email when necessary documents are required, and optionally set future reminders to ensure compliance never lapses.

Built Pay

Pay your trade partners faster and more efficiently. With options for scheduling payments in advance as well as various methods for remitting payments, Built Pay gets your teams paid.

Digitize Disbursement

Opt out of manually cutting paper checks and instead pay your subs and vendors quickly with ACH transfer, wire transfer, credit card, debit card, virtual card, real-time payments or check from Built.

Control Payment Approval

Set specific criteria for payment approval, such as a signed lien waiver, the receipt of a necessary compliance document, or the arrival of a specific date.

Power Payee Preference

Provide a tailored experience for each of your payees by giving them the option to get paid via the method of their choosing.

Integration Directory

Built syncs with a variety of software systems—from project management tools to accounting systems and more—to create a powerful, integrated solution that works precisely for your needs. 

Case Study

Cardella Construction Company

Leveraging Built's integrations with Procore and DocuSign meant vast improvements for the Cardella Construction Company.

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