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Simplifying Prequalification and Mitigating Risk with Trade Partner Management


Watch our on-demand webinar for a look into how Trade Partner Management can significantly increase efficiency and mitigate risk while working with subcontractors.

Managing trade partners can be a time-consuming and risky process. Prequalification, monitoring, and verifying are important steps for general contractors, property developers, construction companies, and owners to ensure they are working with verified trade partners. Unfortunately, it’s common to rely on multiple technological solutions for these tasks, or even an entirely manual process. Having to manage and track these functions across various platforms, or via email, phone calls, text messages, and spreadsheets, create inefficient processes—but most of all wastes time.  

With Trade Partner Management from Built, general contractors now have access to one holistic solution to efficiently oversee their subcontractors. 

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn: 

  • Why Trade Partner Management is important 
  • How we’re solving common problems GCs face
  • How to avoid hefty fines and sizable payouts when accidents occur

Hear from Kelsey VanSleen, a Subject Matter Expert at Built and former customer, and Ethan Albers, Product Manager and former Project Manager for Turner Construction. Both will provide insight based on previous experience managing trade partner relationships and how Built’s solution streamlines the process.