Trade Partner Management

Reduce risk with subcontractor
& monitoring.

Reduce the risk of working with non-compliant trade partners. Access critical information when and where you need it—all within the context of your project.

Enhance your subcontractor management process.

It’s common to rely on separate technology partners for prequalification, compliance, document verification, and monitoring. With Trade Partner Management, Built offers a single location to ensure subcontractor compliance for the entire duration of the project, from prequalification to final payment.

Ensure compliance for every subcontractor, on every project.

Identify subcontractors who are compliant and able to work on a project quickly and efficiently no matter the scope—and ensure they remain compliant over the course of the project.

Simplify document verification processes.

By using Built’s consolidated solution, your team will save time and money on the COI verification process. See confirmed document status within the same platform as you monitor your subcontractors and approve and pay invoices.

Avoid the worst case scenario.

Monitor subcontractors across the entire pre-construction and construction phases with confidence. Access to streamlined, ongoing data will enable you to receive proactive alerts about their financial, safety, and performance status to mitigate risk for the duration of your project.

How it works:
Reduce risk with subcontractors

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