Lower-Tier Lien Waiver Management
Lower-Tier Lien Waivers, Simplified.

Request, collect and track all lien waivers and payments from all parties involved,
in each phase of your construction project.
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Sean Richardson
Marketing Manager

Notice to Owner

Within your Lienwaivers or Procore account, create and manage all your notice to owners. Drag and drop or upload all notices to the system and we will save them all within your account. It’s now time to create your primary tier lien waivers. You can create your primary tier lien waivers using your existing project management or accounting system or by using our templates. xTier works with your current process, instead of against it. Once you’ve created the lien waivers customized for your business, it’s time to send them out.

  • Import Your Existing Lien Waiver Templates
  • Connect Your Connect Project Management or Accounting System
  • Create and Send Primary Tier Lien Waivers in Bulk or One-By-One

Sworn Statement

Upon sending out your request, the subcontractor will receive an email, instructing them to the xTier portal to sign the waiver, while also completing the affidavit. All parties instructed to the lien waiver will be able to complete without having or creating an account with Lienwaivers.

  • Optionally Use Your Existing DocuSign Account!
  • Vendors Do Not Need to Signup For an Account
  • Desktop and Mobile Friendly


Once your subcontractor is within the sworn statement, they can add their subcontractors to the lien waiver — keeping all parties within xTier. The general contractors will be able to deliver the lower-tier lien waivers to subcontractors, equipment vendors, and material suppliers through their Lienwaivers dashboard. This can be sent electronically or downloaded via PDF.

  • Automatically Create All Lower-Tier Lien Waivers
  • Use Your Specified Lien Waiver Template or Let Your Subcontractors Decide
  • Electronically Send Lower-Tier Lien Waivers or Allow Your Subcontractors to Distribute


Once all lien waivers are generated, the xTier user will be able to track and collect all parts of the process on one dashboard. When looking on the xTier dashboard, all waivers will show as completed, pending, or flagged. This master control center allows the user to be aware of all the moving parts at all times.

  • Track All Signed and Unsigned Lien Waivers Project by Project
  • Send Reminders For Outstanding Primary and Lower-Tier Lien Waivers
  • Download All Signed Lien Waivers with One-Click
Lower-Tier Management Benefits
Your Waivers, Your Process, Your Choice.
We understand that this process varies from company to company. xTier is configurable to match your current process. Subcontractors can either have their supplier waivers sent automatically for an electronic signature or it can be distributed manually.
Work How You Like.
Request lien waivers signed in the format and method you prefer. We offer custom templates and a built-in, electronic signature provider. We know that every company is different—with xTier, you can personalize our templates to fit your business needs and connect your current signature provider if needed.
Manage All Your Lien Waivers in One Place.
xTier allows its users optimal convenience and efficiency by storing all supplier lien waivers that are created and sent by the subcontractor automatically in Lienwaivers and/or Procore. The organized funnel will prevent misplaced records and keep each phase of the lien waiver process traced and secure.
Accessibility is Simple.
Subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers do not need a Lienwaivers account to complete their lien waivers. On projects that require lien waivers from the lower-tier vendors, our software is capable of finishing all the layers to the process, without registrations.
Configurable and Multifunctional.
xTier can be configured to use the default or custom contractor affidavit. It can also serve as a supplier list by disabling the contractor affidavit, functioning as a reference for future projects.
Integrate with Your Current Software

See xTier in action.

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