Lien Waivers with DocuSign

Built uses DocuSign’s eSignature capability to streamline your lien waiver, accounting and construction disbursement processes.

Lien Waivers with DocuSign

Your DocuSign lien waiver solution

Connect your existing accounting or project management software with Built to create conditional unconditional lien waivers from invoices and/or payments in bulk or on a project-by-project basis. Send using your existing DocSign account for electronic signature or notarization. Collect and track lien waivers and releases with your real-time lien waiver dashboard.

Send Your First Waivers In 12 Minutes. Guaranteed.

Send your first lien waiver in minutes with our team by your side.

Send Lien Waivers with DocuSign

Create, send with DocuSign, track, and collect lien waivers with Built + DocuSign.


Connect DocuSign and Your Construction Financial System

Connect Built to your DocuSign account and construction accounting or project management system. Once connected, you’ll be ready to create lien waivers to send them via your DocuSign account.


Create all your lien waivers with one-click

Choose the invoice/payment dates you would like to created lien waivers from. By connecting to your accounting or project management system, there’s no need for double data entry.


Deliver to your subcontractor’s email inbox

Send lien waivers out for electronic signature or notarization using your DocuSign account. The lien waiver document will also be available in your DocuSign account.


Collect and track lien waivers in one place

Once lien waivers are electronically signed, they will automatically be returned to your Built and DocuSign dashboards.

Use our real-time dashboard to view your outstanding lien waivers and payments at a glance.

See how residential and commercial contractors use Built along with DocuSign to get their lien waivers signed fast.

“Built has dramatically changed the way in which we create, distribute and organize waivers. I cannot emphasize enough how much TIME we have saved through this system.”

Cassie Buckley
Project Coordinator at PRG GROUP