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You need a streamlined and efficient way to communicate with your lender, move projects forward quickly and not be delayed by internal Lender processes.

A Draw Experience that Exceeds Expectations

Built streamlines the process of communicating and exchanging information with your lender. The platform offers a unique portal experience for requesting funds and monitoring all loan activity to help ensure your projects are completed on time and on budget.

Faster Draws

Up to 70% reduction in draw turnaround time, pushing projects forward faster.

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Project Tracking

Easily monitor project completion and receive project status updates in real time.

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Homes By Dickerson

"No missed emails, no typos, mine or the administrator’s, the time of inspection is cut in half, everything is very quick and concise. This is the future." — Cliff Atchison, Vice President of Finance Homes By Dickerson

Digital Experience

Access a unique portal experience with Built, completely tailored to meet your specific needs.

Consolidated Reporting

Monitor key metrics and identify any risks with your project(s).

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